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With age and experience comes learning. I am privileged to have had three decades in business as a founder, CEO, board director and angel during which time I have worked with some amazing people from whom I have learned a great deal. One immutable truth I have picked up is that the creation of a positive, collaborative and inclusive culture is the only way to build a winning team, scale your business and cope with the inevitable bumps in the road.

Leadership is all about enabling, empowering and encouraging those around you. It needs to happen at every level of an organisation. It takes 15 players to score a try on a rugby pitch: I don’t care who finally touches the ball down, no player delivers success on their own. As a CEO my principal role is to help everyone around me achieve success.

At my last company, Workplace, we made extra special efforts to involve the whole crew in designing and developing the right culture. Everyone contributed to choosing the values by which we wanted to live at work and we ensured that everyone felt appreciated and part of something greater than themselves.

"We never printed our five core values on mouse mats, posters or tea mugs: if we didn’t know them and hadn’t lived them every day, we would have failed."

We built upon our success by asking the whole crew to guide me, and the rest of the management team, how to continuously improve through our award-winning Glassdoor pages. And we captured the Workplace voyage of turnaround, transformation and growth in our acclaimed ‘Culture as a Platform’ story.

At IGS we are working hard to build our own version of that story: I want you to know what to expect when you join IGS. You’ll be helping us make this an exciting, vibrant and inspiring journey to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide and help feed the world. It takes special people and a special culture to achieve such ambitious goals. If you think you can contribute to this new story please get in touch and tell us about yourself.

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Adrian Hristov
Senior Software Engineer
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Alex Brown
Marketing Manager, Indoor Farming
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Andrew Cumming
Lead Software Developer
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Andrew Skinner
R&D Intern
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Andris Sprukts
R&D Technician
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Bart Benninga
Sales Manager EMEA
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Ben Molineux
Controls Engineer
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Cameron Williamson
M&E Engineer
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Chris Ashley
Senior Software Engineer
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Chris West
Electronics Engineer
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Christian Potter
HR Manager
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Csaba Hornyik
Plant Scientist

About IGS

IGS was founded in 2013, to develop revolutionary Industry 4.0 solutions in the global agritech and commercial lighting markets.

As an agritech innovator, we make revolutionary controlled-environment growth products including a vertical farm-in-a-box and retro-fit Growth Stations for low-rise installations. We also make a supplementary lighting grid to extend the growing day 12 months of the year in greenhouses and poly tunnels. These Platforms are 100% Internet of Things (“IOT”) enabled and powered by a 3-tier Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) back-end to deliver Total Control Environment Agriculture (“TCEA”) offering dramatic productivity benefits:  2-3x yield with quality and consistency, using 50% less energy and 80% less labour.

Our Intelligent Grid platform creates smart spaces by bringing an elegant, customer-branded grid to replace conventional high-voltage networks of cables, cable-trays and ethernet. It can be assembled and reconfigured on the fly by non-qualified staff. Every light, sensor, camera and motion-tracker attached to the grid is IoT-enabled, such that it can receive commands and monitor behaviours: each node simply clips onto the lightweight busbars and can be moved at will, without even a screwdriver.

We supply agritech solutions direct to growers, food producers and governments around the world. We supply our Intelligent Grid platform via partners such as facilities managers lighting designers into new-build construction projects or for retrofit.

We're award winning

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Winner: Business Cloud Tech Top 50

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Winner: Tech 4 Good 2019

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Winner: Vibes 2019

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Finalist: KPMG’s Best British Tech Pioneer