Continuous innovation

Optimising indoor climates

IGS has patented a series of technologies that fundamentally improve indoor climates for plants and people.

We specialise in creating smart spaces where our customers can optimise the growth of their crops.

One of our fundamental aims is to develop spaces in which people can work in the most productive way.

The philosophy behind innovation

A unified power and communications system

Our Technology 1

IGS’s patented power and communications system offers total remote control of any indoor climate, without the use of expensive and unreliable computers or capacitors. And yet every LED light, sensor and camera has an internet address so you can control and communicate with them as well as learning what they are doing.

Our systems enable you to run Total Control Environment Agriculture (TCEA), automatically delivering optimised recipes of weather – the sunlight, the wind and the rain – to your crops. This will optimise your productivity across yield, quality and consistency.

Indoor farms are fraught with inefficiencies including:

  • Too much or not enough light
  • Flickering lights
  • Inconsistent climate control
  • Fluctuating temperature
  • Manual testing systems for nutrient delivery

These systems impede growth and churn operating budgets.

IGS’s smart power and communications system ensures a smooth, constant flow of power to lighting and maintains control over HVAC systems for delivery of appropriate air temperature and humidity. The result is steady, predictable crop growth.

Our Technology 3

Reduce labour costs with intelligent automation

Our Technology 5

When your power and communications systems interact seamlessly you can harness software and IoT to support  workflow automation, freeing your workforce to focus on the things humans do best. Using our system, it’s possible to significantly reduce labour costs.

A future-ready option

IGS’s platform helps you quickly normalise disparate systems that control the environment in your facility whilst leaving room for expansion.

High-efficiency closed loop ventilation

Wouldn’t we all love to have control over the weather? Weather is generated from time to time within a given climate and comprises light, water and air: illumination, precipitation and ventilation. Each of these systems consists of a set of characteristics.

Each one of these characteristics has an almost infinite range of possible values, for example from the black of total darkness to blazing, pure white light and every colour variant in between. Being in control means having the ability to calculate and manage these massive variables across three dimensions and figure out what mix or recipe of weather is going to deliver the optimal yield, qualities and consistency.

Agritech companies tend to focus on LED lighting control, often at the expense of the other two dimensions. IGS has also developed and patented the most effective and energy-efficient ventilation system currently available to the market.

Foreground ventilation

  • Delivers very large volumes of slow-moving air
    across the crop
  • Avoids disturbance of crop canopy giving even, consistent growth
  • Optimized interaction of ventilation and lighting
  • Turns unwanted, excess heat into a benefit
  • No more than +/-1.5°c variation across a growth tray of 6.25m2
  • Ensures very consistent growth across a range of crops
  • Supports a variance 6-7°c between trays only 25cm apart
  • Enables huge variety of crops to grow in close proximity

Background ventilation

  • In light, plants absorb CO2 , convert the carbon into energy and release oxygen
  • This creates an imbalance in the mix of gases in the air within a closed environment
  • IGS background ventilation remixes this air to avoid “drowning” plants higher in the Growth Towers
  • Allows us to stack Growth Trays up to 12m high, reducing footprint
  • Warm, humid air is captured, cooled and the humidity condensed
  • Allows us to clean and recirculate the air mass
  • Allows us to capture the condensed humidity, clean it and recycle it within the watering system
  • Closed-loop water and air management inside an insulated shell
  • Minimises energy consumption
  • Minimises water consumption
  • Designed to operate anywhere, globally

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